Empire Property Group Retail and Swim Centre Project

2022 – ongoing
Truganina, Victoria

The Woods Road Retail and Swim Centre in Truganina is located 21km from the Melbourne CBD at the entrance to Elements Estate, near the corner of Woods Road and Dohertys Road. A collaborative vision between Empire Property Group and Genis Steel, this project is a testament to meticulous planning, precise steel fabrication, and seamless installation.

Coordinating Complexity
At the heart of this project lies the meticulous coordination of multiple teams and intricate details, resulting in the successful realisation of the architect’s vision for this project. With 310 tonnes of steel, 10,000 l/m of purlins, and sprawling roof and canopy spaces spanning 9,200 and 765 square metres respectively, every element required careful orchestration. In collaboration with Empire Property Group, Genis Steel invested extensive hours liaising with architects, engineers, and builders to ensure not just timely delivery, but the perfect execution of each component of this project.

Precision and Persistence
One of the standout features of this project was the award-winning, architecturally designed 3D curved trusses. From fabrication to transport and final erection, these trusses demanded high attention to detail and expertise. To navigate the challenges posed by transportation, our skilled fabricators expertly segmented the trusses, ready to be seamlessly spliced back together on-site. Achieving millimetre precision was not just a requirement but a commitment to ensure the realisation of the architect’s vision for curved steel canopies.

Seamless Collaboration
Maintaining the project’s timeline was a collaborative effort, bolstered by two dedicated rigging crews. Working in harmony with multiple trades on-site, these teams ensured seamless multi-trade sequencing, facilitating the project’s progression without interruption. Effective communication, coupled with a keen eye for design intricacies, ensured the delivery of a structurally sound and visually captivating building.

The Woods Road Retail and Swim Centre project exemplifies the fusion of expertise, precision, and collaboration that defines Genis Steel’s commitment to excellence in steel fabrication.

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