Linfox – Qanstruct

2022 – August 2023
Laverton, Victoria

The Genis Steel team pride themselves on not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them. The Linfox Qanstruct project is a testament to this commitment, where we not only completed the project ahead of schedule, but did so with the same level of precision and efficiency our clients can always expect of us.

Supporting client vision
While the design of the industrial structure may have appeared straightforward, our dedication to supporting our client’s vision was anything but. In this instance, our client’s goal was clear: expedite the project timeline. Genis Steel embraced this challenge wholeheartedly, marshalling multiple rigging crews to work tirelessly towards this shared objective. Our ability to align with our client’s goals while maintaining the highest standards of quality underscores our reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Scale and precision
For the successful completion of this project, we utilised 1,200 tonnes of steel and 94,000 l/m of purlins to construct:

  • a roof spanning 70,000 square metres
  • canopies covering 18,000 square metres
  • 1,400 square metres of dedicated space for offices and amenities.

These figures not only highlight the scale of the logistics involved but also underscore our team’s capacity to handle projects of immense complexity with finesse and expertise. Our ability to deliver this large-scale development ahead of schedule is a testament to Genis Steel’s unwavering dedication to excellence, reliability, and efficiency.

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