Litoria Court Biodiversity Building

Jan 2022 – Nov 2022
Epping, Victoria

At Genis Steel, we pride ourselves not only on our steel fabrication expertise, but also on our commitment to sustainable solutions. The successful fabrication and erection of the Litoria Court Biodiversity Building, in collaboration with our longstanding partners at Vaughan Constructions, was an absolute honour.

Seamless collaboration

Over a span of two months, with the combined efforts of two rigging crews, we worked collaboratively with the Vaughan Constructions team to meticulously mould 560 tonnes of steel and 36,000 l/m of purlins together to bring this structure to life. Rigid staged deliveries ensured an efficient execution on-site, reflecting our mutual dedication to precision and excellence.

This project stands as yet another testament to the successful collaboration between Genis Steel and Vaughan Constructions, adding to the portfolio of achievements we’ve cultivated together since 2018. Together, we continue to push boundaries, creating structures that stand tall for sustainability and excellence.

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